Peace. Love. & Hatch.

It’s our 21st Hatch Chile Festival!  In the early years, we sent a driver with a truck to Hatch, New Mexico to pick up chiles at Young Guns Farms and bring them back to Texas.  From the beginning, we have been committed to only serving fresh, “Big Jim”, medium-hot, Hatch green chiles – which means only in August and September when they are harvested.  The first batch in August is the mildest, and then these famous peppers get hotter and hotter until the harvest ends.  Unless frozen, they have a very short shelf life – a couple of days.  Now that they are being sold frozen, you’ll see them everywhere – even Heinz makes a ketchup with Hatch green chiles!  But, like our whole menu, we think fresh is best.  It’s our claim to fame.

Twenty-one years ago, we had no idea how unique these chiles were.  Hatch, between the towns of Truth or Consequences and Las Cruces, has a microclimate that grows (what many believe is) the best tasting green chile in the world.  The soil, sun, very hot days and cool nights cannot be duplicated in another location.  Like Champagne grapes from Champagne, Hatch chiles must be grown in Hatch.  Go 50 miles away and it’s not the same.  We list some facts about these legendary peppers on our website. It’s clear that their mythical and addictive quality is rooted in some reality.

Like every year, we have a great menu in store for you. From our Pozole green chile stew to our newest Ultimate Hatch Hot Rock Fajitas.  And for dessert, a homemade Hatch Brownie Sundae.  Don’t miss our annual Hatch Festival Dinner on the 16th.

Join us and taste these world famous green chiles while they are fresh from the harvest. 

More sweet potato chips!

Liz & Jim

Thank you to our TNT family.

 See below for a list of some of more tenured staff that truly are the ones who make it happen every day.


Harrison Hurd, smooth talker,  and Kyle Hayes, bar master extraordinaire,  both started here at TNT as Bussers and have worked their way up to hourly managers.  Harrison has been with us for 3 years and Kyle for almost 6 years.  They keep us laughing and in good spirits.



Eric has been with the company for over 6 years. He started as a server at Blue Mesa Fort Worth before moving to TNT when we opened in Dallas. From serving, catering, bartending, and training, Eric does it all and consistently gives great service to our guests. We have relied on Eric to be an all-star employee and he has delivered!


Cheryl started at TNT the day that we opened. It was clear from the beginning of staff training that she was going to be a TNT lifer. Starting out as a server, Cheryl’s hard work led to her being promoted to a management role, including leading our brunch on Sundays. Her infectious energy and positive attitude make people want to work with her and guests want to come back to see her. Thank you Cheryl!



Grant McGill has been with us in San Antonio since January of 2015. He is our Lead Server, Trainer, Shift Leader, and erstwhile Shift Manager.


Maria Torres just recently celebrated her 1st year with us in San Antonio. A very productive cook, she is especially known for her singing and whistling skills
while she works!


After 14 years at her previous employer, La Fonda of San Antonio, Virginia Mata was part of our opening team. She is the best known, most often requested
Server on our staff.