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Request Guidelines

Step One: Review Our Dropbox

Review our dropbox link, it contains all the designs we’ve produced so far. Before placing a request, see if there is an existing design that just needs slight modifications. If you find a design that needs slight modifications, please download it and attach it in the files section of the request form for easy reference.

Step Two: Receive Appropriate Authorization

Make sure you have the appropriate authorization. Some website edit requests should certainly be approved by Jim and or Liz first. Same thing goes for print production. If you’re requesting material to showcase a special discount or new promotion, make sure it has been approved by the appropriate individuals first. Help us stay out of trouble. 😉

Step Three: Consider Turnaround Time

Consider turnaround time. Generally, it’s nice to have at least 3 week notice before any design is due, that way we can schedule it into our workflow and give it the full creative thought it deserves, as well as offer you a stress-free timeframe to make revisions if you need any. If something needs to go to print, it’s nice to have a request with even more lead time, because the printer needs time too (and then there’s always shipping, no one likes paying “rush fees”)!

Does a request mean it's happening?

Not necessarily. We’re always going to give you our best – that’s what tribes do. But ultimately we answer to Jim and Liz, our shared and awesome Chiefs. They have the final word. In addition, lead time is critically important – if a request is submitted in lieu of the requested lead time, it doesn’t mean it won’t get done, it just means we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to meet that deadline.

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